Niwot Massage will be following all recommended guidelines for keeping both clients and therapists as safe as possible, including the following:


*If you aren't feeling well or are unsure about coming in, PLEASE cancel your appointment with no fees or questions asked up to the time of your appointment.


 *We are requiring you to wear your own mask and we will be wearing a mask.


*There will be no waiting in the reception area.  Upon arrival, please sit in your car or on the bench outside (if nobody else is there of course) and your therapist will open the door and guide you to your room.  


*Please wash your hands before and after the massage and we will also.


*We are not allowing any appointments at the same time in order to minimize contact with other clients or therapists.


*We are sanitizing all sheets and using gloves to remove them.  We are disinfecting all chairs, tables, door knobs and surfaces between every massage.


*We are running a hepa air filtration with UV-C and Ionizer in each room.


If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to ask. We want to work with you.  We can do clothed massage, wear gloves, and not use a face cradle upon request.


We will do everything we can to keep both of us healthy and ask the same of you.

Meet Laura

Laura is a graduate of Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder Co.   She thoughtfully tailors each massage session with the needs of the client, personalizing the experience for every individual.  Her techniques include Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Myofascial release, Swedish and Trigger Point therapies.  Laura is also the new owner of Niwot Massage and strives to give each guest overall wellness and happiness long after they leave.


Meet Becky

Becky Whitmer is a 2006 graduate of Healing Spirits Massage Training Program of Boulder,  Co, and has been practicing LMT ever since.  In 2007, she began her studies in HeartMind Shiatsu and Qigong and is a practitioner and instructor of both.  In the years since becoming a massage therapist, Becky has been an enthusiastic student of Breema, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Amma, Lymphatic Drainage, to name a few.  She offers the following massage modalities by appointment: Integrative Table Massage, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Shiatsu and Integrated Mat Bodywork, Reiki, Shiatsu and Swedish.  Whether your primary interest is pain relief, self-care, relaxation, or support for your own innate healing process, yourmassage will be a unique creation, fashioned just for you and what your body needs.

Meet Sheri

Sheri is a graduate of Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder Co.  She listens to each unique body and strives to bring her nurturing touch to each and every session to leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated.  With experience in spa therapies and healing modalities, Sheri specializes in integrative massage, focusing on the whole body connection.  She has certificates in manual lymph drainage, oncology and geriatric massage.  She adapts her touch and techniques with love, compassion, and sensitivity.




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